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X5 Naturals Copaiba products were created to help you tackle life’s most common symptoms through natural ingredients.


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Wellness products are a dime a dozen. We believe in what’s essential: clean, natural ingredients that work.
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Rome wasn’t built in a day; with years of research, trial, and testing, we’ve developed formulas to transform wellness.
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We want you to feel confident in your purchase. Because when you’re happy and healthy, we’re happy and healthy.

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CBA Oil Energy BlendNourish Nectar - 30ML

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Sleep Aid Recovery FormulaReplenish Nectar - 30ML

Starting at $19.99

Kids Sleep AidSleepy Sloth - 30ML

Starting at $19.99

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The Secret's in the Blend

While Copaiba is powerful natural ingredients on their own, they are capable of so much more when paired with the right ingredients. That’s why we crafted our blends to not only enhance the benefits of Copaiba, but also increase bio-availability, so you get the most out of every drop.

Ambassador Quotes

Ambassador Quotes

I have been treating Ruth for over nine years. When she told me she wanted to take a holistic approach to her inflammatory reactions through the use of X5 Naturals blends, I was hesitant at first. However, after seeing her remarkable progress over the years, I can see she has created something special that truly works. I highly recommend X5 Naturals for anyone looking for an all-natural solution to better health.
Joseph Barrera, MD, Endocrinologist
I teach several classes a day and always need to be on my A-game. After a week of introducing X5 into my daily routine, I noticed my recovery time cut in half. I'm sleeping better and waking up refreshed and less sore! Highly recommend the Miracle Manna and Mending Milk combo to any athlete post-workout!
Stevie, CYCLEBAR Instructor
As a Certified Nutrition Coach & Owner of a Holistic Wellness Company, I know the importance of quality sleep and its impact on recovery and mental health. That's why I was so happy to discover Replenish Nectar. It has transformed the way I sleep in the best way possible! I can lay down and sleep blissfully throughout the night, then wake up refreshed & refueled for the coming day!
Elise, Momentum Strength and Wellness
As an ultra-runner, it’s essential for me to nourish my body with only the finest ingredients. Avoiding products with artificial fillers and flavors can be difficult, but X5 makes it simple. As soon as I found and began using X5 supplements they became my trusted go-to for natural energy enhancement (Nourish Nectar) and recovery aid (Replenish Nectar).
Amanda, Endurance Athlete
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How it Started

When I was diagnosed with several autoimmune issues, traditional medicine focused on easing symptoms rather than treating the root cause. Instead, I needed an all-in-one solution with powerful but natural ingredients, so I created X5 Naturals: where healing happens in the gut.

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Founder and CEO

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